Edelson Blog

When the Shoe Fits 

Donna Smith, M.A., LPP & Heather Auton, Psy.D

When selecting a treating psychologist, what should a patient look for to ensure a good fit? On some level, the decision can be compared to buying a new pair of shoes.

Factors to consider include:

1) Reputation of the psychologist – What references might be considered in exploring his or her background?

2) Quality of the product – How much experience does the therapist have and in what areas of expertise?

3) Cost – Is the cheapest going to be the best?

4) Durability – Will the type of treatment offered continue to be beneficial in the future?

5) Comfort and Support – Considering the aforementioned factors, does the therapist seem to be someone with whom a supportive relationship can be established?

If a good fit is experienced between the patient and the psychologist, a short-term investment will most likely result in a long-term payoff!

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