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Helping An Anxious Child

Edelson BlogHelping An Anxious ChildWritten by: Robin Showalter, MS, LPCC-S Anxiety is tough for anyone to handle but especially for our children. Many of the techniques that adults use do not transfer well for use with children. For example, positive self-talk is...

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Dealing with Grief

Edelson BlogDealing with GriefWritten by: Robin Showalter It wasn’t until I was hit with catastrophic loss myself that I realized how unprepared I was to deal with it. As a licensed professional counselor, I knew all about the stages of grief and what it would...

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Anxiety Doesn’t Want to Be Managed

Edelson BlogAnxiety Doesn’t Want to Be ManagedWritten by: Megan Begley, LCSW ‘’I’ve learned so many coping skills, but nothing really helps.’’  I used to hear this over and over from clients, and it was a primary reason I was motivated to seek training in therapies...

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Getting to the Root of Self-Esteem

Edelson BlogGetting to the Root of Self-EsteemWritten by: Janice Hagans-Higgins, MEd., LPCC-S Our mind often plays tricks on us, especially when we get caught up in comparing ourselves to others. Once we begin to make these comparisons to others, our thoughts can...

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Don’t be Blinded to the Impact of Trauma

Edelson BlogDon’t be Blinded to the Impact of TraumaWritten by: Janice Hagans-Higgins We understand trauma to be ongoing distress that was triggered by an unexpected event, an event that felt overwhelming and caused immediate stress, pain, suffering, or some other...

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