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Updated Tool for Diagnosis of Autism

Elisa Wetzler, Psy.D

Diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder has been greatly assisted with the introduction of a newly revised assessment instrument. The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) introduced its recently released second edition. The ADOS-2 is a semi-structured standardized assessment that evaluates abilities in communication, social interaction, play, and restricted/ repetitive behaviors. The test presents various activities that elicit behaviors to help assess whether the child meets the newly updated DSM-5 criteria for an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The ADOS-2 allows the profession to obtain information needed to inform diagnosis, provide appropriate treatment, and make educational decisions. New to the second edition of the ADOS is the ability to assess individuals as young as 12 months in the new toddler module. We can now utilize this essential addition in early identification of ASD which improves the possibility for successful outcomes. The child clinicians here at Edelson & Associates attended a specialized training on the ADOS-2 at Eastern Kentucky University.

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