Edelson Blog

The Personal Side of Suicide

Missy Darnell

Professionals have statistics and data to share on this issue, however, these thoughts are mine, as a sister who has been affected by this unfortunate circumstance. With the recent suicide death of Robin Williams in the news, I thought it might be a good time to talk about the feelings of loved ones left behind. Unfortunately, I lost my 38-year-old brother to suicide in April 2003, and the passing of time has still not healed the heartbreak. The feelings change but do not lessen the loss. The thoughts of “what if” go through your mind, if I’d only done more if I’d only spent more time, but none of these things would have made a difference. When people decide that the pain they are feeling is not worth the effort of living, you really have no control over them. In that split second that they act on their feelings, other people’s lives change forever. Sometimes you may need professional help dealing with your own feelings and thoughts. When that time comes, please know that there are people who can help you. Hopefully, in time, the memories of that person will be more of the happy times you have shared, the things you have done together, and less of the pain and loss.


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