Child & Adolescent Clinicians

Dr. Tonya Jones

Tonya Jones, PhD.

Dr. Jones earned her doctorate in 2012 from Walden University and has continued to expand her education by taking additional classes in the areas of psychology and special education through EKU.  Dr. Jones has a long history as an educator within the Lexington area, bringing this experience into her therapy with children and adolescents.   In 2014 she started Making A Change, a business that focused on enrichment and coaching for children who were struggling socially and academically. She has also volunteered for Voices of Hope, Amachi, and The Academy.  Dr. Jones has an interest in providing therapeutic services for children and adolescents that are experiencing depression, anxiety, self-esteem issue, academic distress, or who need assistance in learning executive strategies to assist with ADHD.  Currently, Dr. Jones is accepting private pay patients and will seek to be included as a provider by insurance panels. 

Our self-pay rates will soon be updated. Please contact our staff for more information.