Adult Psychological Services

Adult Neuropsychological Evaluations

Adult neuropsychological testing involves a formal evaluation of abilities such as memory, language skills, visual processing, and executive skills (organization, planning, inhibition, attention) as they relate to brain structure and brain development. Testing may also include assessment of achievement skills (reading, math, etc.) and emotional functioning.

Adults are referred for neuropsychological evaluation in order to assist in diagnostic clarification and treatment planning regarding dementia, brain injury from an accident, illness, or other physical stressors, as well as for difficulties in learning, attention, and behavior.

Adult Psychological Evaluations

Psychological evaluations provide some information on cognitive abilities, but the primary focus is on emotional behavioral, and social functioning. Assessments of depression, anxiety, and other emotional disorders are part of these evaluations.

Adult Hospital/Clinic Consultations

Patients are seen in hospitals at the request of physicians. Usually, the evaluations involve the determination of the presence/absence of a brain illness, emotional concerns, or both. Most often testing takes place on a behavioral health unit. Edelson & Associate’s clinicians also provide testing and therapy services on a rehabilitation unit with individuals who have brain injuries (like strokes) or physical problems (such as spinal or joint injuries). We also see people as part of a multidisciplinary heart disease clinic.

Adult Therapy

Therapeutic services are provided to adults, couples, and families. Psychotherapy focuses on the treatment of emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, adjustment, loss and grief, stress management, emotional response to health problems, and other aspects of emotional distress.

Professional Therapy at Edelson Associates


An independent medical evaluation typically involves the determination of the severity of illness and whether it affects thinking, emotional functioning, and most importantly, the ability to return to work after some type of injury. These referrals most often come from insurance companies or workers compensation case managers.


Record reviews, case consultations, and forensic neuropsychological, and psychological evaluations are available. The typical issues to be addressed by the evaluations are the presence or absence of brain damage or emotional trauma, and their causes if the damage is found. 

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